Heyford Bowls Club New Website

New website just launched. Bear with us as we make every effort to bring the club website up to date with a new, modern look and feel. The website shows our new club logo. There’s still plenty to do, please have a look and send comments via email to: Website Admin, with suggestions, comments, or errors. Although we still have a lot of work to do, most of the important information such as club events, social events and fixtures for the coming 2024 season should be available. Some pages have been left blank intentionally: We hope you can help by providing some input for these.

New features/highlights include:

  • New membership registration form. We urge you to use this as it really helps us to manage our membership. Not only that, but members who register with the new website will get access to some content available only for members, such as our new Heyford Kit, which can be ordered online.
  • A new gallery, featuring club events and occasions arranged into albums for recent year. You can select any albums, to view individual photos in more detail.
  • Some committee members only pages
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