Club Competitions 2024

Club competitions are organised at the start of every season. Entry is open to all full Members. Each year there are several competitions, allowing members to compete against each other for trophies and being named on the club honours boards. There is an annual presentation evening, usually held in November. Before entering for a competition, a player should make sure that if successful in the preliminary rounds, they will be available to compete in follow-on rounds and Club Finals Day. This year this is held on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 2024. There is a nominal entry fee for each round.

This season’s club competitions include Mens’ and Ladies’ Singles (first to 21 shots), Mens’ and Ladies’ Pairs’ (18 ends), Mixed Pairs (21 ends), Mixed Aussie Pairs (14 ends), Mixed Two Wood Singles (21 ends). There is also a Mixed Triples competition, played as a one-day event in June, with a draw conducted just ahead of the start. For all other club competitions, entry forms are posted in the clubhouse during May, once the green is opened, with a closing date for each competition. Shortly after this, a draw sheet for each competition will then be displayed in the clubhouse with ‘play by’ dates for each round through to the Club Competition’s Finals Day.

Alternatively, online entry is also available using the relevant links below for the club competitions being run this year for those full members who have joined/registered their membership on the website. Details of winners of each round and dates can also be viewed here by registered users. Similarly, full club competition rules can be found here for registered member.

Please click the available highlighted competition links below to show registration and current competition results.

Registered members can find the rules of all club competitions here on the Club Competition Rules page.

Mixed PairsTwo Wood Singles
Aussie Pairs

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