Club Competition Rules

All Club Competitions follow the same rules. Entry sheets are posted on the club noticeboard in the clubhouse shortly after the green opening date. A copy of the rules shown here are also posted on the clubhouse noticeboard.

A random draw is conducted for and team members for team based competitions. Our competitions are unseeded, with names appearing on the draw sheet and competition pages, in the order that were drawn. The draw sheet and competition pages both show ‘play by’ dates for each round. The final for all Club Competitions are played on Final Weekend. The dates of the Finals Weekend are shown in the 2024 Club Events page, the individual club competition pages and members own fixture card.

The first named person or pair, in each match is determined to be the ‘home team’. It is the responsibility of the home team to arrange with their opposition the date for playing the match. To allow for unforeseen circumstances (e.g. weather), the date agreed should be at least seven days prior to the ‘play by’ date. Once agreed, the date will be entered on the draw sheet so that all club members are aware of it. The rink to be used for the match will be chosen by the home team and the fixture entered in the rink booking accordingly.

If postponement is unavoidable, a new date must be arranged as soon as possible, and in any event the subsequent round must not be jeopardised. Please note that, if a match is not played in a timely manner, BOTH teams are liable to be disqualified from the competition, at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.

Trial ends are permitted prior to the start of a match, with the form agreed between the teams on the day. If a match has to be abandoned for any reason, it will be completed at a date set as soon as possible thereafter; play will restart with two trial ends and the match will proceed from the point of the break, using the original scorecard, until completed in the normal way.

The name(s) of the winner(s) will be entered in the draw sheet at the end of each match. Home team responsibility for arranging date and rink selection, applies equally to all rounds. Dates for playing matches should be set well before the ‘play by’ dates for that round and must at all costs avoid jeopardising later rounds, at the risk of disqualification — as described above.

When due to unforeseen circumstances a player cannot play in a particular competition, a substitute is allowed, provided that the substitute has not already been entered in that competition. Substitutes are not allowed to play as skip. Semi-finals and Finals cannot use substitutes. Substitutes must be cleared by the Competitions Secretary.

Ideally, all Finals will be played over the Finals Weekend. Participants in the Finals, including markers, will wear Greys/Whites. Where a player is in more than one final, the Singles Finals will take precedence on the Saturday. In the event that a player is also committed in the Aussie Pairs or Two Wood Singles Finals, such a final will be played shortly before the Finals Weekend. The date agreed will be clearly indicated on the draw sheet beforehand. Except for delays caused by inclement weather, ALL finals must have been completed by the end of Finals Weekend.

The Competitions Committee comprises the Ladies’ Captain, the Club Captain, the Competitions Administrator and the Chairman. All disputes shall be referred as soon as they arise to the Competitions Committee for resolution. The Committee’s decisions is final.

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