2024 Friday Night Triples Handicap League Tables

The tables for this year’s Friday Night League Triples Handicap are shown below. Updated weekly once the competition is under way. The weekly scores table is completed as each week finishes. Don’t forget, as per the explanation in the rules, the League Table shows ‘actual scores’. Details of the points scoring and handicap system can be found on the Friday Night League Rules page, where the Handicap System is also explained.

Friday Night League: Current League Table

FJohn Dunkley431069412861
EMick Collins42115956352
AShirley Collins422064541043
DBernard Alder41124161-2044
BLiz Davison41215149235
CMike Davison41303356-2326
Friday Night Triples Handicap League Table, updated after match Fri 19 Jul

  *SD: Actual Shot Difference
**HCN: Handicap Number, league ranking handicap number is applied at start of next match.

Friday Night League: Weekly Match Scores Table

Please note: The results scores shown for each week are as appears on completed scorecards. This includes the handicap number as was derived from the preceding week. Updates for catchup weeks, as shown, are appended after week 10.

  *HCN: Handicap Number used for this match.

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