Friday Night Triples Handicap League Rules

Matches in the Friday Night League comprise of 16 ends, starting no later than 6:15pm, each Friday. No trial ends, but 1 shot on the first two ends. For purposes of building the Friday Night League Table, a win gains 2 points, a draw 1 point and a loss 0 points. Where teams have collected the same number of points, ‘actual’ shot difference will determine league positions.

There is a handicap system in place to help balance the differences between strong and weaker teams, applied from the second week as the league progresses. More details of how the handicap system works are covered below.

It is important that each team fields a side every week, in line with the playing schedule, so that an accurate League Table is maintained.

Handicap System

The objective of the handicap system is to keep all teams “in the hunt” for the overall Friday Night League honours. As the competition is more socially oriented, there is no trophy as such. The handicap system works as follows: All six teams taking part are considered equal for the first week. The first week’s results establish the state of the league table, so that the handicaps can be calculated and applied in each of the following weeks. The top team, say Team A, then gets the handicap number 1, the second placed team, gets a handicap number of 2, then so on to the bottom, say Team F, with the maximum handicap number of 6. If Team A is scheduled to play team F in the second week, Team A starts with 1 point, but Team F starts with 6 points. So Team A is handicapped accordingly.

Each week, the League Table is updated to determine the handicap number to be applied for the following week’s Friday Night League matches. Note the League Table uses ‘actual’ scores in calculating shot differences.


Please refer any problems to our Friday Night League Organiser, Peter MacIntosh, phone nos: πŸ“ž01327 340954 or πŸ“² 07779480760. Peter will provide the scorecards to each team (with team handicap numbers shown), before the matches. Please return completed scorecard to him at the end of the matches, or Mick Collins in his absence.

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