Friday Night Triples

Handicap League 2022

The Friday Night League is intended as a fun competition and is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is an opportunity for new
members to get to know established members and to obtain help, guidance and even a bit of coaching from them. Everyone is
welcome to stay for a drink and a chat in the clubhouse after the games.

Teams List

Team Team Captain Team Members
Team A Shirley Collins
Bob Humphris, Peter MacIntosh, Peter McLean, Mary Rogers, Keith Sharpe
Team B Liz Davison
Merv Boyson, Ken Cooper, Joanne Douglas, Helen Humphris, Chris Stevens
Team C Mike Davison
Marion Cooper, Richard Holland, Chris Holyomes, John Steers, Peter Stevens
Team D Ray Haddon
The Short Mat Team
Team E Mick Collins
Dick Bushell, Olive Forster, Morris Freeman, Val McLean, Lorraine Streeter
Team F John Dunkley
Rhona Holland, Tony Holyomes, Trevor Goodchild, Neil Rees, Brian Streeter

Team Playing Schedule

Matches comprise of 16 ends and wil commence no later than 6:15 pm. Matches cancelled due to poor weather will be
rescheduled and updates posted here. The teams' playing schedule below shows the six teams playing each week. The first
team in each pairing, nominated as the 'Home Team'.

Date Rink Teams Playing Rink Teams Playing Rink Teams Playing
10th June A vs B C vs D E vs F
24th June C vs A E vs B F vs D
1st July A vs D B vs F C vs E
8th July E vs A D vs B F vs C
15th July A vs F B vs C D vs E
22nd July B vs A D vs C F vs E
29th July A vs C B vs E D vs F
5th August D vs A F vs B E vs C
12th August A vs E B vs D C vs F
19th August F vs A C vs B E vs D